The Shaman's Way


Shamanic Healing assists to remove obstacles and heal whatever is stopping you living a joyful, fulfilled life. I have assisted clients to heal —

Pain, Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression, Infertility, Relationships, Insomnia, Stress, Grief, Phobias and Fears, Past Trauma

Healing Drum

Healing sessions can include —

  • Intuitive Guidance
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Extractions
  • Energy Clearing
  • Past lives
  • Journeying

We all have the power to heal the physical, emotional, or psychic ailments that trouble us. We can overcome the pain and the difficulties that affect our ability to be happy.

Shamanic Healing is profoundly practical and not theoretical or experimental. This is why this ancient wisdom has been used so well by so many for so long.

We are all beings made up of energy. Illness, unhappiness and unease show up in our bodies and around us as energy forms. Using guidance received from my helping Spirits I manipulate and change these energy forms to heal and enliven. I may also communicate with your Spirit Guides, ancestors or totem animals who are always there to assist you.


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Shamanic Journeys are a form of guided meditation and visualisation, often focused on the three realms of the Upper World, Middle World and Lower World Worlds recognised by many Shamanic cultures.

Shamanic Journey

Drum and chant are used, along with voiced guidance, to take you on an inward journey of discovery of your own Shamanic world.

No experience is required to participate in a Shamanic Journey as the process is guided and instructions are given at all stages.

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Workshops are designed to provide an understanding of Shamanism and Shamanic healing as well as an experience of Shamanic practice. Unless stated otherwise all workshops are suitable for everyone, regardless of their knowledge or experience of Shamanism.


Workshops typically can include:

  • information and discussion around Shamanism and its place in the world
  • exercises and practices covering the different aspects of the Shamanic Healing process
  • healing sessions where you will have an opportunity to participate as a healer
  • practical and theoretical information about the healing paradigm and working ethically
  • a focus on enhancing your access to Spirit and your ability to act from intuition

Workshops are mainly held in Auckland but from time to are run in other parts of New Zealand

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