The Shaman's Way

Geoff Mercer

Geoff Mercer

My professional life has traversed the spectrum of how our minds can work, from the highly rational to the completely intuitive.

I was a lawyer in New Zealand, Australia and the U.K., worked in a large corporate law firm, and as a barrister but still failed to find full satisfaction. Then I began to reconnect with some of the emotional, intuitive and spiritual experiences I had when I was younger.

This ultimately led to discovery within myself of a capacity for spiritual and shamanic work. Although my development as a shaman has unfolded naturally and intuitively, the techniques and practices I use are common to shaman everywhere. Practicing as a shaman has taken me to the Andes of Peru, Bali, and Mongolia, working alongside other shaman and traditional healers. I offer private sessions, groups and workshops in Auckland and elsewhere in New Zealand.


"Geoff had connected with me before the workshop and I had a very warm and safe feeling entering his ritual space. Within that space there was an amazing level of respect, teaching, and challenge. The feeling I am left with is of having been in a shamanic environment that is lived, that is real, and not just theoretical. "

- Aaron Frater

"I thoroughly enjoyed the simplistic, succinct content and the way in which Geoff expresses the info – a divine gift he has. Geoff has a gentleness that is very comforting. I intend being a participant in another of Geoff’s workshops. "

- Carol

"Geoff Mercer is an incredibly skilled and gifted shaman and facilitator. I have come across many healers and practitioners in my days and Geoff has struck me as one of the best. His authenticity and humbleness is inspiring. The facilitation of the workshop was expertly executed and time flowed seamlessly and effortlessly. But what makes Geoff especially remarkable is the way he leads by example. He practices what he preaches and sets a great example for all of his participants to follow. If you have any inclination towards shamanism, spirituality, or insightful healing work, I can't recommend Geoff enough."

- Chritine Krumsee

"I found Geoff very intuitive. He noticed things about me in the first couple of meetings that I had not noticed about myself in 53 years. Geoff is very gentle, compassionate and effective."

- G.B.

"Geoff's Workshop confirmed and enhanced other experiences I have had. I valued the group interaction as well as working in pairs, and the opportunity to be spontaneous and intuitive. There was a personal level which was part of the universal or Oneness. Geoff makes it very easy to participate. He has unique qualities which make this workshop very worthwhile in itself or as a beginning."

- EW, Wellington

"Thank you for sharing your knowing, offering the opportunity to fine tune our intuition and develop skills to navigate unseen realms, skills not normally required by everyday life, but which have the power to enhance it immeasurably."


"Geoff is a dynamic, intuitive based healer utilizing the power tools within shamanic practice to release points of dis-ease in the client's body /mind/soul. He can affect realignment in one's energy fields empowering the individual and is a capable vision guide to help reveal new worlds of experience."

- A. Moss

"I found Geoff's one-day workshop to be significant learning experience into the shamanism and the intuitive knowing of the body/mind. There was a good mix of background and practice. I also appreciated Geoff's comments and observations and feedback which was I think for all of us present insightful and valuable. I liked that Geoff knew the tradition he was working from, but that his greatest guide was the experiential truth of real people and real life. I would certainly recommend doing a workshop with him."

- Aidan

"I have had several healings from Geoff and I have found them to be very effective. He is a very powerful healer and his knowing is 'spot on'."

- Diana

"Geoff's workshop is invaluable for teaching you the tools of shamanic healing including sound, the four elements of nature and the use of your wise intuitive abilities. I found the guided visualisations inspiring in relation to using my intuition and enjoyed learning more about the four corners of shamanic wisdom i.e. earth, air, fire, water and how they help connect me to nature. Thank you, Geoff for a wonderful day of spiritual growth and learning."

- Tracey

"First time I was Shaman Healing and I need to tell you it was really good! Strange method for me unusual techniques. But it really works. I felt result strait away. After that Geoff told me he has a workshop in January where he will show some techniques. I'm so keen to learn about more Shamanic Healing!"

- Matt

"I have been privileged to experience Geoff's healing abilities as a shaman. He has proven to be authentic and I have witnessed his abilities to shift and change energy. It is rare to find a modern shaman who is so dedicated and who has pursued such a deep path of spiritual development and training."

- Lynne Towner, Business Consultant

"My healing experience with Geoff was full and powerful. It is clear that he has a lot in his tool box and yet works skilfully with what is alive in the moment specific to my requirements. I can wholeheartedly recommend this Shaman."

- S. Downer