The Shaman's Way

Distance Healing

For those who are not able to physically get to an individual session I offer distance healing.


Distance healing works on exactly the same principles as any other Shamanic Healing session.

The session begins with an opening prayer and invocation. I will then tune into your energy and then working intuitively from there. If you have specific issues or concerns then I will also begin with a clear intention to work with those.

After the session I report back to you with anything that might assist you and often with suggestions as to what you might do on your own to benefit from the healing that has occured.

Intuitive Guidance

I also provide Intuitive Guidance sessions via Skype or FaceTime. These sessions can involve contacting helping Spirits and reviewing past lives to provide relevant insights and practical guidance for action and change.

Book a Session

If you would like a Distant Healing or Intuitive Guidance session then please contact me and we can take it from there. These sessions cost $85 paid in advance.

Payment is by:

Direct credit to a/c 15-3959-0263357-00

Account name: Geoff Mercer

Sorry, I do not accept credit cards