The Shaman's Way

the Shaman's Way

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Events & Training

I provide various opportunities for individuals to join groups or workshops focused around particular themes. Groups and workshops are experiential, and designed for you to learn, as well as for personal growth and for you to meet other like-minded people.


Coming up...

Four Elements Journey Sunday 7 May 2017
One Day Workshop Sunday 28 May 2017
Lower World Journey Sunday 11 June 2017


Workshops are designed to provide an understanding of Shamanism and Shamanic healing as well as an expereince of Shamanic practice. Unless stated otherwise all workshops are suitable for everyone, regardless of their knowledge or experience of Shamanism.


Shamanic Journeys

Shamanic Journeys are a form of guided meditation and visualisation, often focused on the three realms of Upper, Middle and Lower worlds recognised by some Shamanic cultures. Drum and chant are used, along with voiced guidance, to take you on an inward journey of discovery of your own Shamanic world.

No experience is required to participate in a Shamanic Journey as the process is guided and instructions are given at all stages.

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