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Open chakras

Q:  Thanks for [the journey] yesterday-I really enjoyed experiencing a different way to do things. I was wondering about the opening of the chakras exercise. I did not sleep very well at all last night-yet there were no thoughts going round & round or physical problems. It seems like my chakras were too open. There was too much energy flowing through my system & then I was too open to all the various other energies out in the city. This was the message I received-so I closed them down a little to protect myself & then felt much better. I was wondering why we opened up like that - was it for the purpose of enhancing the journey we did? Would we not then "close" them again before we left?( "Close" is not quite the correct way of describing the process) I remembered that I had" opened" & "closed" chakras before. Just wondered what you & your guides would say about this? Thank you - anon

A:  The chakra meditation, like the other exercises and meditations, is, as you have mentioned, partly for the purpose of enhancing the journey but it is also intended to stand on its own as a useful and beneficial exercise. With all exercises I am conscious of leaving people overly exposed and that is why the whole process itself has a beginning and an end and each exercise is focused at the end on recovering awareness of the physical. It is also why there is an emphasis on the individual will, empowering all members of the group and consciously not working with a vibration that can override or interfere unbidden with another's will.

The chakra meditations are, in particular, intended to increase energy flow and openness but I work carefully with my guides during the meditations to ensure that there is not an overexposure or excessive vulnerability. 'Closing' a chakra after the exercise would be counter-productive and could involve its own issues although, to some degree, there is usually a necessity to not be as open when we venture out into the more day to day world which is what I am guessing you are referring to. We all do this in our own way and I trust that the ebb and flow of the journey sessions, and the guidance and assistance we receive, ensures that no harm results. In your case you seem to have the capacity and awareness to regulate your energy flow consciously which is a great gift. With others there may well be a more unconscious natural closing of openness once they go out into the world, something that we are constantly doing in our day to day life.Feather

Healing for children

Q:  In your practice as a Shaman, do you work with children? Does this look any different than your work with adults? - Isaac

A:  Yes I work with children. How I work with children appears, from the outside, to be quite different than how I work with adults as there are certain factors to take into account such as the child's understanding of what is going on; the child's consent and will; and the need to be careful not to upset or frighten a child. However, the fundamental tools of Shamanic Healing are the same. In practice, however, working with a child usually also means working with the parent or other adult who seeks healing for that child.Feather